About Us

Robinson Law Group, Mary RobinsonSometimes lawyers need their own lawyers.  When the ARDC comes knocking or an ethical dilemma materializes or a nontraditional practice opportunity presents, lawyers deserve the support and good counsel they give their own clients.

The lawyers of the Robinson Law Group have a uniquely broad command of the law of professional responsibility, not only as it plays out in the arena of attorney discipline, but also as that law guides choices lawyers face in representing clients and in structuring their practices to be competitive in today’s business realities.  We value opportunities to guide colleagues to safe ground when crises arise, to provide a solid ethical foundation for colleagues’ practices, and to provide astute and rigorous defense of colleagues facing disciplinary inquiries and prosecutions.

These can be hard times to be lawyers.  Clients are economically pressed, litigation is financially and personally brutal, and the future can be disconcertingly uncertain.

But these are also times of great opportunity.  We are honored to be counselors to the counselors as our profession moves into new and better ways to provide legal services to the people and institutions of our times.

Our Team

Mary Robinson, Robinson Law Group
Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson is a principal in Robinson Law Group. She divides her energies between advising and defending lawyers who are facing professional responsibility challenges and public service as Shakman Compliance Administrator for Cook County, charged with implementing decrees prohibiting unlawful political employment practices.

Sari Montgomery, Robinson Law Group
Sari Montgomery

Sari Montgomery is Of Counsel to Robinson Law Group, LLC. She focuses her practice on professional responsibility consulting and lawyer discipline defense.

Jim Doppke, Robinson Law Group
Jim Doppke

An advocate for justice in legal ethics matters and a helpful counselor for those in need of professional assistance.