Ethics Consulting

Ethics in the Legal System

More than ever, lawyers find themselves facing difficult professional problems and choices. Pressures come from an environment where accusations of ethical lapses are favorite weapons of opponents or even one’s own clients.  Challenges arise because the practice of law has taken on attributes not foreseen when rules of conduct were adopted. Today’s practice crosses traditional geographic boundaries, it occurs in cyberspace, and it intersects with the rules and traditions of a global environment.  The law has become increasingly complex in all areas, and the law of professional responsibility shares that quality.

The ‘law of lawyering’ has come of age during our legal careers, and we have been privileged to play roles in its development. We know it from the perspective of disciplinary enforcement, we have been participants in national and state initiatives that molded the rules, we know it from teaching it to law students and colleagues, and we have planned and participated in national conferences where those who teach and practice professional responsibility law gather.

We can help you unwind your thorny ethical dilemmas, make business plans that do not run afoul of the rules, or decide litigation strategy that involves difficult applications of privilege or conflict of interest principles. We can assist when you suddenly discover that a lawyer in your firm is licensed only in some other state, when a partner shows signs of depression and might be letting clients’ matters go unattended, or when you need to know whether you can safely approach a witness whose employer is represented by counsel in the matter.

We recognize that these problems often ambush lawyers with little time to sort them through. We are committed to being available for an immediate consult when that is what you need.  And when you want our advice in writing, we will provide as clear and firm a recitation of our counsel as possible within a time frame that serves your needs.